10th International Symposium on the Human Breast

Event and Ticket Information.

Dr. Susan Love Foundation for Breast Cancer Research hosted the 10th International Symposium on the Human Breast on February 7 & 8, 2020 at the Meyer & Renee Luskin Center in Los Angeles, California. The International Symposium on the Human Breast brings together a multidisciplinary and international group of iconoclastic researchers, clinical scientists, advocates, and challenge participants to formulate new technical approaches to the study of the normal and high risk breast cancer. By facilitating this intimate, think-tank environment, the Symposium aims to stimulate ideation, collaboration and, ultimately, breakthroughs that will end breast cancer.

The Sharon D. Lund Foundation Innovation Award
Through a generous grant from the Sharon D. Lund Foundation, we were pleased to offer a $20,000 pilot grant to one research collaboration presented at the end of our program. Our panel of judges selected one team (researcher, advocate and clinician) attending the meeting to receive this grant.

Advocate Scholarships
Thank you for applying. We have now closed the application process and are reviewing applications.

Program Schedule

6:30 am Breakfast
7:30 am Welcome; Program begins
10:00 am Break
10:30 am  Resume Program
1:00 pm    Lunch
5:00 pm    Advocate Panel
6:00 pm    Reception

6:30 am    Breakfast
7:30 am    Program begins
10:00 am  Break
10:30 am  Resume Program
1:00 pm    Lunch
4:30 pm    Presentation of Grant Proposals
6:00 pm    Reception
7:00 pm    Dinner and Presentation of Award

Speakers at the 2020 International Symposium on the Human Breast include:

Mina J. Bissell, PhD – Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Amy Brock, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor, The University of Texas at Austin
Gertrude C. Buehring – Professor, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley
Jenny C. Chang, PhD – Houston Methodist Hospital
Dr. Lara Costantini, PhD – Tuscia University, Department of Ecological and Biological Sciences, DEB
Athena Starland-Davenport, PhD – University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Dr. Sheldon Feldman, MD – Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Dr. Darius Francescatti, MD – Rush University School of Medicine
Professor Richard Grose – Queen Mary University of London, Barts Cancer Institute
Dr. Mark Haynes – Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Seema A. Khan, MD – Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Dr. John Klock – QT Ultrasound
Tapsi Kumar – MD Anderson Cancer Center
Ass. Prof. Fatih Levant Balci, MD – Metipol Mega University Hospital, Istanbul
Luciana Lopes, PhD – Brazil University of Sao Paulo – Brazil
Dr. Susan Love, MD – Dr.Susan Love Foundation for Breast Cancer Research
Dr. Steven Narod, MD – Women’s College Research Institute
Tom O’Sullivan, PhD – University of Notre Dame
Helen Piwinca-Worms, PhD – Professor of Experimental Radiation Oncology, MD Anderson Cancer Center
Ann Ramsdel, PhD – University of South Carolina
Kaylee Schwertfeger, PhD – University of Minnesota
Dr. Dipali Sharma, MS, PhD Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Patrick J. Sinko, PhD, RPh – Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutics, Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, Rutgers University
Sara Sukumar, PhD – Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Dr. Chris Sutton – Institute of Cancer Therapeutics, University of Bradford, UK
Cristian Tomasetti, PhD – Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Melissa Troester, PhD – UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health
Dr. Paul Van Diest, PhD UC Utrecht, Netherlands
Zhaoyu Li, Ph.D., Senior Associate Consultant & Assistant Professor Mayo Clinic

Parking at the Luskin Conference Center

Self-parking is available underneath the Luskin Conference Center and in UCLA Parking Structure 8, Level 4, directly across the street from the Center. There is a convenient Pedestrian Walkway/Bridge connecting Parking Structure 8 (on Level 3) to the Los Angeles Conference Center property. There is a daily fee to park in either location.

To locate Parking Structure 8, enter the campus by heading north on Westwood Boulevard and make a left onto the Structure 8 Driveway (located just before the Parking Information Kiosk on Westwood Boulevard). Proceed up the ramp to Level 4 and park in any of the “Pay-by-Space” parking spots. You will need to purchase parking at a nearby Parking Kiosk.

To access the UCLA Luskin Conference Center via the Pedestrian Walkway/Bridge from Lot 8, take the east stairs down one level (from Level 4 to Level 3) and cross over Strathmore Place. Elevator access (located in the northeast corner of Level 3) allows access to the Conference Center via the pedestrian crosswalk at the traffic light at the intersection of Strathmore Place and Westwood Plaza.

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