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Daughters, Dudes, Mothers and Others Fighting Cancer Together


Wendy Demark-Wahnefried, PhD, RD; Dorothy Pekmezi, PhD; Robert Oster, PhD; Teri Hoenemeyer, PhD; Laura Rogers, MD; University of Alabama at Birmingham

Study Review

Studies have found that early stage cancer survivors who are overweight have a higher risk of having their cancer come back. This study was enrolling survivors of early stage colorectal, kidney, prostate, ovarian, uterine, multiple myeloma, or female breast cancer who want to lose weight, and a friend or relative (buddy) who also wants to lose weight who both live in Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, or Tennessee. The researchers will explore whether a web-based weight loss and exercise program results in weight loss and improves the overall health and well-being of early stage cancer survivors and the people around them.

The initial Call to Action for this study was on 6/3/2020 and the researchers closed enrollment on 3/17/2021. The Love Research Army provided them with 21 participants who were interested in enrolling in the study.



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