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Sleep Health in Young Women with Breast Cancer: A Mixed Methods Study


Youri Hwang, MSN, Yale University School of Nursing

Study Review

Women under the age of 50 who are diagnosed with breast cancer often report stressors that are related to their stage of life, such as raising children, establishing their career, and changes in their body. Sleep problems are common symptoms that breast cancer survivors encounter, yet little is known about the sleep experience among younger women with breast cancer. The goal of this study is to better understand sleep experiences and what contributes to sleep disturbances in younger women with breast cancer. The results will help guide health professionals to develop more options for patients to improve their quality of sleep after a cancer diagnosis.

The initial Call to Action for this study was on 5/11/2021 and the researchers closed enrollment on 10/5/2021. The Love Research Army provided them with 102 participants who were interested in enrolling in the study.



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