An Overview of Breast Cancer Treatments

An Overview of Breast Cancer Treatments

The breast cancer treatment options available to you will be determined by the type of breast cancer you have and whether your cancer is still contained within the breast ducts, has invaded into the breast, or has spread to other organs in your body. Breast cancer treatments are designed to remove cancer cells, kill cancer cells and/or control the cancer cells by changing their neighborhood or environment. The treatments that can do this are surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy and targeted therapy.

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There are many different ways to treat breast cancer but they may not all be right for you

You can learn more about these treatments in Treatment Options. In this section you also will find information about online tools that can help you understand the benefit each treatment will provide. If your tumor is hormone-sensitive, you may also be able to have a tumor tissue test that will let you know whether your tumor is one that should be treated with chemotherapy.

As you explore your treatment options, you may also want to look into clinical trials. New trials are getting underway all the time and cancer patients frequently must do their own research to find the clinical trials that may be right for them. There is no one centralized place to find all open trials. In our clinical trials section, we provide links to the websites that list trials and offer free matching services to help you identify the trials you qualify for.

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