In case you missed the April Love Research Army Research Results Webinar, the video broadcast is now available! The webinar featured Dr. Shelley Hwang the Principal Investigator for the Patient-Reported Outcomes After Choice for Contralateral Prophylactic Mastectomy Study and was facilitated by Dr. Susan Love.

This study analyzed data collected from a 2012 LoveRA study, Evaluating Patient Reported Outcomes in Breast Cancer, conducted by Dr. Dunya Atisha. Dr. Atisha and her team at Duke University recruited all of the study participants – women who underwent surgical treatment for any type of breast cancer – from the LoveRA and more than 7,600 women participated in an online survey designed to explore the impact of breast cancer surgery.

The data collected for Dr. Atisha’s study has been analyzed in many different ways. Dr. Hwang and her team used the data to study women who had cancer in one breast but chose to have a double mastectomy (removal of both breasts). They wanted to learn if patient-reported outcomes, such as breast satisfaction and quality of life, were different for women who chose to remove both breasts when compared to women who chose to remove one breast. In the webinar, Dr. Hwang discusses the study and its results as well as answers questions from the participants.

Read more about the study in this Washington Post article.

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