Later this summer, at 145 North Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills, the Dr. Susan Love Foundation for Breast Cancer Research will be launching a tool for breast cancer detection that will be a lifesaving game-changer. We know that because it’s a first-in-class imaging innovation.

The FDA-approved QTscan is a non-invasive breast imaging tool providing clinicians with information that can assist in the identification of a broader range of breast tissues than ever before. Developed by QT Imaging CEO Dr. John Klock this next-generation technology in breast imaging is here, and it’s significantly more comfortable – and accurate – than a mammogram.

Mammography and other more conventional breast imaging modalities often are not fully able – or accurate – when imaging dense breast tissue. This technological limitation has put nearly half of the female population at an immediate disadvantage in getting readable images. Dr. Susan Love long cautioned the world regarding these limitations around mammography — specifically the low-high quality images that are unable to map the breast ducts, which is where 80% of breast cancer starts. Over a decades-long thought partnership and friendship, Dr. Love and Dr. Klock both studied with breast cancer surgeon and researcher Dr. Otto W. Sartorius, whose work sparked their shared passion for the research around mapping the breast ducts to eliminate cancer at its source.

The Foundation has previously worked with QT Imaging on our research to map the breast ducts and will be moving forward with our second phase of that research study towards the end of summer, but we still felt there was more to be done. Dr. Klock spoke at the Symposium of the Human Breast earlier this year, deeply engaging the audience eager to employ this updated technology. Clinicians wanted to know how they could use this machine, researchers wanted to incorporate its findings into their studies, and advocates were ready to utilize this pain-free diagnostic technology. The Foundation will open the first-ever QTimaging Breast Center, Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, A Project of the Dr. Susan Love Foundation.

Dr. Love’s breast cancer career focused on patient advocacy and involvement. The goal and the reality of the QTscan technology is to allow patients to participate in the decision-making on their breast health journey and make informed decisions — pain-free. The realization of this project, combining the QT Imaging technology and vision with the Foundation’s dedication to innovation now extends our mission into the future of breast cancer prevention.



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We combat the disparities that exist in research by challenging the scientific community to launch studies that are as inclusive and diverse as the people that breast cancer affects.

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