Changes in 2018

We are committed to connecting our members with innovative breast cancer research, results, and news.

image New Eblast Format

We have an exciting change to our eblasts: a new and intriguing eblast format. By trimming down the length of our mailing and including an easy-to-read description of each study, you can easily read, share, and engage with studies. While our eblasts are getting trimmed, we are keeping the in-depth study descriptions on our website.

What’s new:

  • Shorter, easier to read format
  • Study-related graphic (exercise, side effects, clinical trials)
  • Quick breakdown of all study procedures
  • Brief overview of who we need for each study
  • Easy access to the full, in-depth study description (light pink ‘Click here to learn more’ banner)

What’s the same

  • All in-depth study display
  • Easy sign-up and RSVP process
  • Researcher information
  • Quick forward to a friend function

image Participant Dashboard
The Love Research Army team is pleased to announce the launch of Participant Dashboards. This interface provides a quick and easy way to find information on studies for which you signed up.In your dashboard, you will find:

  • Quick links to each study summary
  • Researcher information
  • Sign up dates
  • Your eligibility status


image Expanded Study Results and Linked Webinars

We aim to connect our members with every step of the research process, from study launch to research results. We are thrilled to expand each closed study description to include a study overview, the impact of our members, any webinars conducted by the researcher, and a list of publications that resulted from each study.

What’s new:

  • Publications that result from Love Research Army supported studies will be listed under the closed study description. Each publication will include a link to the abstract or article online.
  • Webinars are now also listed under their specific study.

What’s the same:

  • Closed study review, which details the study and Love Research Army results
  • Webinars are still available under the ‘Webinar’ tab.

image Quick Study Navigation

Want to sign up for a research study but don’t know where to start? Interested in a particular type of study but don’t want to read through a whole list of studies? With our quick study navigation links, you can easily find a good fit for you. Simply choose your preferred study type, gender, location, or breast cancer status to view studies that you may be a good candidate for.

What’s new:

  • Our new, easy navigation to specific types of studies.

What’s the same:

  • The running current study list.

image First Time Logging Into Our New Site?

All users will receive the following message during their first visit to our new site: “Sorry, unrecognized username or password. Have you forgotten your password?”  

This is normal and a one-time process after upgrading our site.

To log in:
1. Click the ‘Have you forgotten your password?’ link.
2. Click ‘E-mail new password’ on the page that opens.
3. You will receive a replacement login information email. Click the link to reset your password.
4. Update your password.  You’re done!

Interested in participating in a study?

Learn about currently enrolling Love Research Army supported studies on our Current Studies page.

Love Research Army

We combat the disparities that exist in research by challenging the scientific community to launch studies that are as inclusive and diverse as the people that breast cancer affects.

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