Cognitive rehabilitation group intervention for breast cancer survivors: results of a randomized clinical trial.

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Publication Details

Ercoli L. M., Petersen L., Hunter A. M., Castellon S. A., Kwan L., Kahn Mills B. A , Embree L. M., et al. Psychooncology, November 2015

Study Information

Breast Cancer Cognitive Rehabilitation Study

This study at the University of California, Los Angeles is evaluating the effectiveness of a rehabilitation group intervention program for breast cancer survivors who are experiencing memory loss and concentration problems associated with cancer treatments. The researchers wanted to enroll 60 breast cancer survivors in the study. The Call to Action for this study was sent to Army of Women members on March 21, 2012. When the research team closed enrollment on July 3, 2013, the Army of Women had provided them with 109 women who were interested in enrolling in the study.



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