Enrolling in a Trial

Enrolling in a Trial

The first step to taking part in a research study is finding one that interests you. There are many trials to look into, and many questions you should ask the clinical trial coordinator. It is important that you fully understand what a trial is studying, what will be required of you as a study volunteer, and whether the researcher will cover travel costs or parking fees or other expenses. You will want to talk to your doctor, so that you can discuss how the trial fits in with your other treatment options. It is also important to speak with your insurer about what you will be expected to pay for and what your policy will cover. If you can’t explain to your best friend what the trial is investigating, the risks and benefits of taking part, and what you will need to pay for, then you may not be ready to sign up.

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In this video learn how to find and enroll in a clinical trial

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