Plans for ringing in the New Year often include resolutions. What changes in 2023 would you like to make? For yourself, perhaps, it centers on weight loss, saving money or being more present. But, thinking beyond the immediate might include resolve affecting your future. Estate planning is crucial to keeping you and your family safe, so why not start or update in 2023?

This type of planning can often have a negative connotation surrounding it. Most people do not want to think about getting older or sick, but let’s change that mindset, because life happens, and you want to have control. Reframe your thoughts about estate planning. Estate planning is about planning for life.

But estate planning can be complex, depending on your financial and family circumstances. Rarely can it be done in a day and that is why this is the quintessential New Year’s resolution.  Write down everything that needs to be done and make sure to consider all items that could be unique to your situation. Then, just as you would a different resolution, schedule specific items to do on a schedule. For example, “Finalize all documents that need updating by January 30” or “Finish Will by March 15”. The American Bar Association is a smart place to start: Estate Planning Info & FAQs (

Sticking to resolutions can be difficult, but your future self and family will thank you for the work you have put in. Make a 2023 resolve to be in control of your impact on the future of your family and the causes you support.


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