When I led The Joffrey Ballet, I articulated a brand that was aspirational and quintessentially American. Harry Winston, Paul Stuart, and Cadillac shared the same brand values. These established partnerships brought vital resources to the dance company.

The Dr. Susan Love Foundation recently unveiled an innovative, new partnership with USDA Organic CBD company, First Crop. Like the Foundation, First Crop was founded by a visionary woman who recognized the need for world-class scientific research to promote health and wellness. Using sustainable farming practices to produce superior products, First Crop activates the regenerative power of hemp. Harnessing the benefits of a miraculous plant to also create economic opportunities for farmers, clean the air, restore the soil, and produce products that improve individual well-being.

In my nonprofit career, I have long promoted collaborations. With in-person fundraising still unadvisable, and fatigue around all things virtual, partnerships are going to be key for nonprofit success in our futures. As the Top-Ranked Breast Cancer Research Organization in the U.S., the Dr. Susan Love Foundation drives collaborative, cutting-edge research with nontraditional partners, brings to light the collateral damage of treatment and seeks ways to diminish it, and interprets science to empower patients. Fast, flexible, and project-based, the foundation actively engages the public in scientific research to ensure that it produces accurate and meaningful results.

As a part of our First Crop partnership, 20% of the proceeds of First Crop’s bundle product, Relief Balm & Pure Gel Caps, will be donated to the Foundation in addition to 15% net sales of regularly priced items. Dr. Susan Love Foundation supporters can also use code DRLOVE15 for a 15% off discount on the First Crop site.

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Love Research Army

We combat the disparities that exist in research by challenging the scientific community to launch studies that are as inclusive and diverse as the people that breast cancer affects.

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