Move With Love 2021

Don’t Just Walk With Love — MOVE With Love

The mission of Dr. Susan Love Foundation for Breast Cancer Research is to end breast cancer.

Founded in 2008, Walk With Love has raised millions of dollars to support our ground-breaking breast cancer research. Funds raised through Move With Love 2021 will directly support our Exploring the Ductal Anatomy project. We’re making progress, but to keep this research going, we are asking for your support for Move With Love 2021. Last year, the world went virtual and so did Walk With Love. This year, we’re taking it one step further and inviting you to MOVE with us. Whether you walk, run, swim, spin, climb, dance, or downward dog — do it with Love. When you create a team and fundraise, you take the first step towards a future without breast cancer.

Get Ready to MOVE With Love

All registered walkers will receive our 2021 Move With Love commemorative tee. Wherever you move, you’ll be able to recognize movers like you! 

Teams that raise the most money receive exclusive offers and prizes. Click below to view our fundraising incentives!

Ready to be a leader on the fundraising board? Download our Move With Love Toolkit for everything you need to know to get moving! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join an already established team?

Joining an already established team is easy! Visit MoveWithLove2021, click “Register” then click “Join a Team”. You can either search for the team by name or scroll through the list of teams. If you don’t have a team to join, we suggest joining Dr. Susan Love’s team! Once you click a team, you will then register as an individual (either a virtual participant or VIP virtual participant).

How do I make my own team?

Creating a team is also simple! Visit MoveWithLove2021, click “Register” then click “Create a Team”. Pick a team name, goal, and team page headline. Then register as an individual on the following pages. You will be the team captain of your new team! Click here to watch a detailed video of how to create your team.

Do I need to make a team if it is just me signing up?

Signing up as an individual is the easiest way to participate in Move With Love 2021! Visit MoveWithLove2021, click “Register” then click “As an Individual”. Choose if you want to register as a virtual participant or a VIP virtual participant. Then fill out your information and that’s it! You’re registered for Move With Love 2021.

How will I get my t-shirt?

If you register before May 5, you will receive your t-shirt and registrant bundle in time for the May 15 event. Due to current shipping delays, expect that it will take a few weeks for your items to arrive. If you are an international registrant, we will do our best to get you your items in time, but please note it is possible they will not arrive before the event. The best way to get your t-shirt in time for the event is to register as soon as possible!

When is the last day to register?

The last day to register for Move With Love is May 5 for US participants and April 20 for international participants. You can fundraise for Move With Love through June 30, and we encourage you to continue fundraising through Move With Love. Click here for the fundraiser’s toolkit.

Can I move at any time on May 15th?

Yes! We will send a welcome video from Dr. Susan Love on May 15 at 8am (all time zones), so you may begin after that or schedule your move for any time that works best for you! No matter when you move, we encourage you to take pictures and post them on social media, and tag us! That way you can be a part of the global movement on our Instagram and Facebook stories.

How long should I move for?

You can move for as long or as little as you want! The goal is just to MOVE in any way from anywhere. Move With Love is inclusive of all types of movement, anyone can participate.

Since it is virtual, will there be any online community involvement on the day of MWL?

Follow on with us on Instagram and Facebook as we share Move With Love stories in real-time! Be sure to tag us at @drsusanlovefoundation to be featured. As a participant, you will also have access to our library of warm-ups, workouts, move ideas, and LOVE playlists. Kick-off your move with a welcome message from Dr. Susan Love!

Can I still walk?

Absolutely! We welcome anyone to still walk if that’s the movement they choose.

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