Research Worth Watching

Research Worth Watching: The Twittersphere of Cancer Cells

Cancer cells are not loners. They communicate with each other, with the other cells in their neighborhood, and with cells in the entire universe of your body. Now, a flurry of basic research has led to new insights into this communication and an exciting new realm of...

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Research Worth Watching: Another Look at Dense Breasts

It has recently been estimated that 43% of women between 40 and 74 have dense breasts on mammogram. That actually calculates out to 27.6 million women! By now we all know the limitations of mammography screening particularly when women have dense breasts. Not only...

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Research Worth Watching: International Symposium on the Breast

Dr. Susan Love Foundation for Breast Cancer Research’s 8th International Symposium on the Breast provides a unique opportunity for scientists and clinicians who conduct intraductal research or whose research could enhance the intraductal field to share knowledge and...

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Research Worth Watching: Epigenetics and Breast Cancer

Better scientific tools have allowed researchers to learn more about inherited genetic mutations that increase risk or mutations that develop inside of the cancer cell that help fuel its growth. Breast cancer happens to have good examples of both kinds of mutations....

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Research Worth Watching: Immunotherapy

As I mentioned in my AACR blog earlier this spring, there has been a sea change in the approach to treating breast cancer. In the past, most of the focus has been on killing the cancer cells with chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. More recently, we have tried to...

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