At the 11th International Symposium of the Human Breast, last month at UCLA, Dr. John Klock, founder and CEO of QT Imaging, presented the latest imaging breakthroughs.

Through ultrasound technology, the QTscan produces 3D images using both reflection and transmission techniques. It produces high-quality images that do not involve contrast or radiation. Check out this video of Dr. Susan Love Foundation Chief Development Officer Michelle Woodhill getting her scan! The Foundation has been a partner and sponsor of QT Imaging and is over the moon with the results.

Dr. Klock is now proposing a new study that will compare QTscan and mammography for the accuracy of call-back decisions and the detection for women with dense breasts and a BIRADS 1 classification on her mammogram. This study could have huge implications on the future of breast cancer imaging and bring us one step closer to ending breast cancer once and for all.

Please consider attending our Love is in the Air luncheon on March 3 for a presentation by Dr. Klock. Click here for more information and tickets.



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We combat the disparities that exist in research by challenging the scientific community to launch studies that are as inclusive and diverse as the people that breast cancer affects.

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