Janette Rodrigues Breast Cancer diagnosed at 38

Janette Rodrigues was living in Texas and working as a journalist at the Houston Chronicle when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 38.  Because she has fibrocystic breasts, she initially thought that the breast lump she discovered in the shower was related to her period.  After seeing her OB-GYN and being referred for an ultrasound, she also underwent a biopsy before being diagnosed with breast cancer.  After being diagnosed, a coworker, who had also faced breast cancer a few years prior, recommended Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book as a resource.  Her coworker and Dr. Love’s book both proved to deliver valuable tips, information, and guidance throughout surgery and treatment.

“Dr. Love’s Breast book answers so many questions about Breast Cancer – even ones you don’t know you had!”

Dr. Susan Love

Janette has since become an advocate for sharing information via Dr. Love’s Breast Book.  Says Janette, “I urge anyone who has ever read the book or depended on the book, whether you’re the patient or the loved one, please buy copies and donate them to your local Planned Parenthood or local support group so that others can be informed in their treatment!”

Janette says her support network of family, friends, and coworkers were with her all the way and she has now been cancer-free for more than ten years.  We are proud to share Janette’s story and to have her in our community as a valued member in the Love Research Army, as well as an advocate for sharing information, and inspiring others.  Thank you, Janette!

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